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For more information on Midwest Baseball Evaluators and pricing on our evaluating options, please contact us at (612) 868-9101 or via email  Midwest Baseball Evaluators is a division of High Octane Baseball LLC.

  • Fully-delivered, customized professional evaluations
    • MBE will provide professional evaluators, scoring program/sheets, data entry, and rankings where all results will be delivered within 48 hours of tryout evaluations being concluded - a professional evaluation from start to finish
    • MBE will provide professional evaluators using an association's scoring sheets to deliver an unbiased, true tryout evaluation
  • Program defining/revamping recommendations for associations on current tryout evaluation processes
    • MBE will evaluate current practices and processes an association is utilizing and will provide recommendations to deliver true results
    • MBE will review current scoring sheets and provide recommendations and/or develop a customized scoring program that will be provided for associations to utilize in upcoming tryout evaluations

Tired of the hearing your members complaining about biased evaluators that are evaluating players they train during the off-season?

Midwest Baseball Evaluators (MBE) specializes in delivering true tryout evaluations for baseball and fast pitch softball associations.  Understanding the need for consistency in scoring by evaluators, MBE requires all of its field evaluators to attend mandatory training sessions to review correct evaluation scoring techniques prior to conducting any type of tryout evaluation.  Additionally, MBE offers customized evaluation templates to fit every organization's needs.  At MBE, we guarantee unbiased, fully trained, professional evaluators for all of our clients.